Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Speech Day

We have been learning to write and present our speeches. We had to persuade the audience to think our way. The Olympics was our theme.
The criteria we had to use to write and present our speech included, an introduction, delivery, content and our conclusion.
When I got up to say my speech I thought it was great because I had appropriate words and interesting sentences, but I really think I could have done better. I could have put a lot of information in my speech and looked at the audience more. When I was finished reading my speech I hurried back to my desk to put in more information because I did not want to be in detention. Later it was my turn to read my speech when I started to read I was a little bit nervous. When I finished I thought it was incredible because I put a lot of information in the end so the audience could be happy and learn something, so they could remember instead of forgetting. At the the end I was very proud of my self because I made it to the final. Lastly I had fun reading my speech but I came last.


Sete said...

Nice writing brother

James said...

Hi Enosi
that was is a cool post I wish I could write like that.Where you nerves when you said your speech because if I was you I would be. Extremely nerves I would be shaking

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