Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Reflections 2014

2014 has been a Great year. These last few terms were amazing. Having fun in term 1 with the Swimming Sports, into term two with Netball then term 3 with the Sports Camp throughout to term 4 with Athletics. We had fun doing sports like every term.
Term 1 we had swimming sports, Softball and cricket. It was fantastic winning all those sports.
We had our school swimming sports.It was nice jumping into our pool and having a swim. It great because it was summer.
Term 2  we did Netball. It was boring because Rugby and Football was cancelled.
Term 3 we had Sports Camp. We had fun playing all those sports. It was also sad because we did not bring the same Awards from the last years Sports Camp team.
Term 4 we had filming for Manaiakalani. We made a movie called Snapped.
It has been a great year we had happy times and sad time but it has been great. I can't wait to go to college but at the same time I want to stay.DSC02602.JPG


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