Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Yummy Yummy

In Glen Innes Primary we have been learning to bring and eat healthy lunches. On the 30th of August we have been making sandwiches to show that we are being healthy and strong. Mr Naidoo hosted the 5+a day program for every child. Every teacher came around every table giving every child an ingredient to put in their sandwich. The ingredients were tuna mixed with chopped up apples, grated cheese, carrots and also ham. There were rhymes like 5+a day that's the healthy way, also there were pictures of people eating all of their veges and fruits.

When we were making our sandwiches I added cheese with carrot which was followed by ham. After I gobbled up my sandwich my group and I cleaned our table and put them away. After that we went and sat down because we were so filled up with sandwiches. Later that day I felt hungry, so when I got home I made me another sandwich but this time it was two times bigger than the last  one.


Krissy Rangi said...

Enosi, this is very good because you are very descriptive and I can imagine everything you talk about. I can also imagine how hungry you must have been when you got home. Now that you know how to make sandwiches do you make them for your lunch all the time?

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